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Vicar's News - 27 June 2021

On Monday we farewelled BGS student, James Tsindos, whose coffin paused at St Andrew's on its way to his funeral ...

Vicar's News - 6 June 2021

This Sunday is the second Sunday after Pentecost. Watch the recorded service for the second Sunday after Pentecost here.

Vicar's News - 16 May 2021

Prior to his ascension, Jesus commissioned his disciples to attend to God's mission. How we think of mission has changed over the years...

Vicar's News - 9 May 2021

Although not a church festival, we wish a Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers and best wishes to their families if they are celebrating today

Vicar's News - 2 May 2021

This weekend we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday (transferred from last week week due to a conflict with ANZAC Day)...

Vicar's News - 25 April 2021

We launch our Organ Restoration Appeal on Friday evening at 6pm in the church ...

Vicar's News - 18 April 2021

This weekend's reading is St Luke's version of the appearance of Jesus in the locked room following the return to Jerusalem of Cleopas...

Vicar's News - 11 April 2021

This weekend’s gospel includes one of my favourite statements in the New Testament – Thomas’ response to Jesus ‘My Lord and my God’.