War Memorial Grand Organ

Australian-made, with nearly 3,000 pipes and 64 speaking stops, the War Memorial Grand Organ is one of the finest musical instruments in Australasia. The Organ is a memorial to Australians killed in the 20th century's two World Wars, and resonates in 'one of the most beautiful acoustics' in Australia. Dedicated on Easter Day 1964, the instrument was built over three years by the Melbourne organ building firm of Davis & Laurie and remains the 'magnum opus' of the respected British-Australian organ builder Steve Laurie (1914-2006).

Did you know?

  • There has been organ music performed at St Andrew's Brighton since 1843 on six different pipe organs.

  • The first pipe organ in St Andrew’s Brighton was the first pipe organ locally-built in Victoria, and one of the first handful of pipe organs made in Australasia.

  • Following a devastating fire in 1961, the grand four-manual pipe organ in St Andrew's was completed in 1964 in the newly rebuilt 'Cathedral of Light', one of the largest church buildings in Australasia.

  • The organ is one of a very few in the world with twin four-manual organ consoles and a foundation-rumbling full-length wooden reed stop 32 feet long - the 32' Contra Bombarde. 

  • The organ was the first in Australasia to have a horizontal reed stop 'en chamade' - the famous Festal Trumpet.

  • The organ is placed in two main areas - gallery and transept - over 100 feet apart, giving amazing stereo antiphonal effects.

Specifications on the organ can be viewed here.

Donations to assist in the maintenance of the organ either large or small are received most gratefully and may be directed to the St Andrew's Music Foundation. A donation form is available here. Online credit card donations can be made here. A tax receipt will be issued, together with the grateful thanks of present and future generations.

Organ Restoration Appeal

Keep the music playing!

A video explaining the Parish's need for funds to restore our War Memorial Grand Organ so that its old analogue operating system is replaced with an up-to-date digital system before the organ ceases to be operative.

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