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Mission, Vision & our Objectives

Our Mission 

To make the Word of God fully known in Bayside Melbourne through worship in the progressive catholic Anglican tradition, cherishing word and sacrament, embedded in:

  • liturgy, prayer and music of the highest quality, worshipping God in the beauty of holiness and with all our senses, heart, soul, mind and strength

  • scriptural teaching that challenges and encourages

  • our care for people, our schools and our community.


Our Vision is to be a joyful and welcoming place of worship and outreach, nurturing all age groups in their faith journey.

Our Objectives in 2020-24 are:

  • Achieving the highest standard of music ministry in our choral worship and musical offerings in worship & in concert performances

  • Encouraging and expanding our Chinese ministry, connecting broadly with the Chinese community in Bayside

  • Recognizing that St Mary’s Pre-school is integral to our future: more visibly integrating St Mary’s, St Andrew’s and Horsely Court residents, and St Andrew’s Tennis Club, into St Andrew’s community

  • Connecting with people outside our worship community and age demographic to increase their participation in our church community

  • Seek to establish a strong financial foundation for the parish into the future. 

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