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Vicar's News - 25 April 2021

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Organ Restoration Appeal Launch

We launch our appeal on Friday evening at 6pm in the church - please register here for catering purposes. A lovely way to start the evening and exciting news to begin the appeal.

Food by Pantry, drinks, and music by St Andrew's Choir voices.



Our ANZAC Day memorial service is at 10am on Sunday, with suitable prayers at other services this weekend.


Vale Dorothy Stenniken

On Friday we have a lovely funeral service for the late Dorothy Stenniken, long-time member and a great supporter of this parish. Following the service, her ashes were interred in the Garden of Remembrance with refreshments in the Pioneer Chapel.


Frankie and Nina get married

On Saturday, a large wedding for Nina and Frankie who worship at City on a Hill Melbourne East. There was an morning reception in the cloister courtyard with food provided from a number of site vans - coffee, grilled food and more.


Good Shepherd Sunday

Next Sunday we are celebrating Jesus as the Good Shepherd (transferred from this Sunday due to its clash with ANZAC Day) and at the 10am service we will be welcoming members of the Firbank Old Gramarians' Association (FOGA) back to St Andrew's for their annual church service.


QR - on the way in...

The State Government requires all check-ins at venues to be made via their designated QR code system, and the Archbishop has decreed that we can no longer use 'tick-off' lists. Registration remains essential using our website links so that we can comply with the attendance number restrictions, but all those attending need to use the QR codes to note their attendance. if you cannot manage this yourself, a sidesperson can assist with their phone - using your name and phone number.


Offertory collection by QR

For the past year we have been unable to pass the offertory bowls around the church during a service. They remain at the entrance doors but are brought up for a blessing during the service. Since the advent of COVID, many people no longer carry cash, so we are now providing a QR code in our pewsheets to direct those wishing to make a contribution to our donation page. Donations can be made during the service.

Indeed you can use the code directly from this page if you point your phone camera towards it!


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