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Vicar's News - 23 May 2021

Well done - so many people wearing something red this morning at both services. Great attendance at 10am for the service and refreshments ..

Vicar's News - 9 May 2021

Although not a church festival, we wish a Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers and best wishes to their families if they are celebrating today

Vicar's News - 11 April 2021

This weekend’s gospel includes one of my favourite statements in the New Testament – Thomas’ response to Jesus ‘My Lord and my God’.

Vicar's News - Easter 2021

Christ is risen! Halleluia! Happy Easter to you all. We have had an amazing Holy Week and Easter at St Andrew's, with lots of visitors...

Vicar's News - 31 January 2021

Click to register for our church services What is it that possesses us? Is it Christ, or some part of our self, our own ‘demons’ that...