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Vicar's News - 8 November 2020

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

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Sandringham Cenotaph yesterday

On the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, a minutes’ silence is observed and dedicated to those soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation. We will respect this tradition during our Remembrance Day service on Wednesday, commencing at 10.30am in the church.

In Australia and other allied countries, including New Zealand, Canada and the United States, 11 November became known as Armistice Day – a day to remember those who died in World War One. The day continues to be commemorated in allied countries.

After World War Two, the Australian Government agreed to the United Kingdom’s proposal that Armistice Day be renamed Remembrance Day to commemorate those who were killed in both World Wars. Today the loss of Australian lives from all wars and conflicts is commemorated on Remembrance Day.

On the first anniversary of the armistice in 1919, two minutes’ silence was instituted as part of the main commemorative ceremony at the then new cenotaph in London.

Australian journalist Edward Honey proposed the silence. At about the same time, a South African statesman made a similar proposal to the British Cabinet, which endorsed it.

King George V personally requested all the people of the British Empire (as it then was) suspend normal activities for two minutes on the hour of the Armistice 'which stayed the worldwide carnage of the four preceding years and marked the victory of Right and Freedom'. The two minutes' silence was popularly adopted and it remains a central feature of commemorations on Remembrance Day.

Office workers observe 2 minutes silence in thee Lloyds Building in London

(clearly no social distancing that year).


Church worship begins this week

We will recommence services in our church on Wednesday 11 November (Remembrance Day) at 10.30am. There will initially be four services per week:

Wednesday at 10.30am

Saturday at 6pm

Sunday at 8am

Sunday at 10am

Register for the services here

The present mandatory limit is 20 people + one clergy member at each service, but we await with baited breath the announcement by the Premier today regarding further reductions in COVID restrictions and, hopefully, increases in the number who can be present at church services.

Please note that the Sunday 8.30 service has been changed to 8am so that we can have the church cleaned before the 8am service (after Sat@6) and also before the 10am service.

REGISTRATION is necessary due to the restricted numbers and because we have to collect this data for possible contact tracing by the State government in the event that COVID returns.

So please click here, or go to our website – and click on REGISTER here in the big red section:

Then you will be taken to a list of events and below that a calendar:

Then click on the service (they are shown in blue) for which you would like to register, and a short reservation form will appear. You will get an email confirmation. Sorry that we can’t make the calendar nor its print any larger. You may have to magnify it at your end.

Once the limit on attendance is extended to 50 or more, you will be able to book in for the same service on multiple days. Registration is likely to remain necessary throughout 2021 until the COVID restrictions are lifted because, at present, we have to maintain a list of everyone who attends each service (for contact tracing purposes).

Those without the internet, or the courage give this a try, are welcome to ring the Parish Office 03 9592 1240 (the phone is still redirected) and the Vicar will book you in.


ZOOM service changes

The Bilingual Service will continue on Sunday morning at 11.00am (using the Zoom app. Similarly the Chinese Morning Prayer service on Zoom will continue at 10am.

These arrangements remain in place until the numbers allowed at our physical services can be increased.

Today will be our last : Mattins : service at 10am because next week we will be back in church at that time.


The Melbourne Anglican (TMA)

The November edition can be downloaded here.


Our Opportunity shop reopened on Wednesday & Thursday last week and had a spectacular result for two day, raising over $1400. Obviously people have been saving up waiting to return once we reopened! Initially trading will remain two days per week - Wednesday and Thursday 10am – 3pm. If you have clean clothing and any curiosities for donation, please bring them along on a Wednesday or Thursday.



If you would like to nominate for the officebearers roles – Churchwarden, Parish Council or Incumbency Committee member, the form can be downloaded here.

Information about how these roles, and how they will function in the future can be downloaded here.

Our Parish Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday 28 November at 11am using the ZOOM app. You can download a copy of the Notice & Agenda here. We have a special page on our website for Annual Meeting information (in case you lose the details) and it can be accessed here or from the front page of our website.



More action in Church Street – literally on the street – as additional space for dining outside has been created for Allegro’s Café and Fish Tank.



This week at St Andrew’s: