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Vicar's News - 29 August 2021

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Clck here to watch our video Eucharist service (available on Sunday morning)

Click here to join our Morning Prayer service on Zoom at 9am on Sunday morning.

In this morning's gospel reading, Jesus reflects on the defilement that comes from people’s evil hearts, rather than from what they consume - criticising the Pharisees for being overly concerned with maintaining of their long-standing rituals rather than the effect these could have on individuals.

Bishop Paul Barker refers to this as being too concerned with ‘keeping up appearances’ in his sermon which forms part of this morning’s video service.

That service ends with a wonderful blessing, sung by members of choirs at 20 Anglican schools in Victoria. It features a number of members of our own choir who are students of Firbank and Brighton Grammar. See if you can pick them out from the many young faces.


Meetings this week

As the lockdown continues, we meet using the Zoom app for a variety of purposes.

The St Andrew's Building Group met last week with the architects of the new St Andrew's Exchange Building and will meet with them again this week as plans for the building are firmed up. Similarly members of the Tennis Club committee have met with the architects to discuss the new tennis facilities on the roof of the proposed building.



This Netflix series has begun streaming and it does contain scenes filmed at st Andrew's in some episodes so keep an eye out for our church and parish hall.


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