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Vicar's News - 11 October 2020

The wedding banquet

This morning our Gospel reading is Jesus’ parable about the king who organised a wedding banquet for his son. In summary, in the Parable of the Wedding Feast, God sent his Son into the world, and the very people who should have celebrated his coming rejected him, bringing judgment upon themselves. Remember in last week’s parable, the owner of the vineyard even sent his son, but the tenants killed him too.

As a result, the kingdom of heaven was opened up to anyone who will set aside their own righteousness and by faith accept the righteousness God provides in Christ. Those who spurn the gift of salvation and cling instead to their own "good" works will spend eternity separated from God.

The self-righteous Pharisees who heard this parable did not miss Jesus' point. In the very next verse, "the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words". The Parable of the Wedding Feast is also a warning to us, to make sure we are relying on God's provision of salvation, not on our own good works or religious service alone. Like the king, God provides the wedding garment, but we have to put it on.

Those who believe, but do not act on that belief by showing charity, are at the wedding banquet, but they are not adorned with the wedding garment. They are Christians in name only, and are vulnerable to being cast out like that unfortunate guest into exterior darkness unable to explain their lack of charity.


Those beautiful sunny days of last week has turned into some rainy weather of late but I trust the sun will come out for those hoping to do their daily permitted exercise. Many people are out in the parish grounds and we have noticed that one of the chairs in the Memorial Garden has finally given up after 40 years of weathering.

We are hoping to replace it with another chair to match the most popular one in the garden, seen below:

If perchance you have a matching one which you no longer use, it would be great to have it for the garden as you can see from the footprints below it, it is popular in both terms of seating and position. We are hoping, over time, that the chairs will all match. Please let me know if you have one. A second-hand seat is less likely to be stolen and would not need affixing to the ground.


Given the Premier’s view of the likelihood that Melbourne will make the target for next stage reduction of restrictions by next Sunday, I am not anticipating that there will be a change affecting us for some time yet, but we are proceeding on the basis that Melbourne will meet its target for the resumption of services at the end of November.

This week at St Andrew’s:


10am - : Mattins : (in English) [join here]

11am – Bi-lingual service [join here]

Anytime – Video Eucharist [watch]


10am – Morning Prayer (in Chinese) [join here]

10.30am – Chat with the Vicar and friends [join here]


10am – Bible study (in English) ‘The ‘I AM’ statements in St John’s Gospel’ [join here]


7.30pm – Chinese bible study [join here]

To simplify entry to the Zoom meetings, the following links will apply:

For all Ian’s activities – Wednesday chat, Thursday bible study & Sunday @ 10am:

For all Michelle’s activities – Wednesday morning prayer, Friday bible study & Sunday @ 11:


Trusting that you all have a safe week.

主任牧师寄语 11/10/2020









如果你有一把你不再使用的 合适的长椅,你可以把它放在这个美丽的花园里。你可以从它下面的脚印看到,它是位于一个受欢迎的位置上。我们希望,随着时间的推移,椅子会完全和花园合而为一。如果你有的话,请告诉我。二手的长椅不太可能被偷,也不需要把它固定在地面上。







10am: 晨祷 (英文)[点击进入]




上午10点-晨祷(中文)[ 点击进入]

上午10:30 -与牧师和朋友聊天[点击进入]


上午10点-圣经学习(英文) 关于约翰福音经文中“我是”( 点击进入)


晚上7:30 -中文圣经研习[点击进入]



Michelle的活动——星期三晨祷,星期五查经班和星期日@ 11:的双语崇拜



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