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Vicars News - 28 February 2021

In our gospel reading, no sooner does Jesus praise Peter’s confession at Caesarea Philippi and dub him “the Rock” than he rebukes him as the devil or Satan. Peter had confessed Jesus to be the Messiah. But his idea of what it meant to be the Christ left no room for suffering, sacrifice or the way of the cross as the cost of discipleship.



Sadly a busy week of funerals, farewelling Marion Merrett, Angie McKinnon and Patricia McClure.



Three baptisms in one service for Keith's great grandchildren, Kendrick, Xavier and Leilani on Sunday. A great family gathering.


Order of St John of Jerusalem

An investiture service for the induction of new members of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, a charitable order of Knights Hospitalier, was held in the church on Saturday. It was a very colourful affair as you can see. Two new Anglican priest members included tin this cohort of inductees.

Wonderful fanfares on the organ by Calvin Bowman and Sicut cervus, a motet for four voices by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina based on Psalm 42 and superbly performed by a quartet from Concirdis Chamber choir.




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