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Vicar's News - 6 February 2022

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Raphael, The Miraculous Draught of Fishes (Luke 5: 1 – 11), cartoon for a tapestry,

about 1515 – 16, Italy. On loan from HM The Queen.


The Choir returns

Our choir returns on Sunday at 10am, and we welcome two new choristers, Jack Stretch and Miriam Whiting-Reilly (lay clerk soprano).

This will also be the first service for Tim Mallis as our Assistant Director of Music. His email address will be

We are grateful to members of SACPA (St Andrew's Choir Parents Association) who are providing a BBQ in the Cloister courtyard after the 10am service.



The ordination os Deacons will be held on Saturday 5 February at 10.30 am at St Paul's Cathedral. All are welcome - double vaccinations required.

The Reverend Xeverie De-Leon

Our new Assistant Curate, Xeverie, (Xev, pronounced 'Sev') will be ordained on Saturday and commences with us on Sunday at the 8am and 10am services.

An article about Xererie's journey so far was published in The Melbourne Anglican:

From prison officer to deacon:

Xeverie set for next step in journey with God

and can be read here.

Xev writes:

Dear parishioners of St Andrew’s Brighton, it is a unique privilege to be the Assistant Curate in this parish, one that I am incredibly proud of. I came from a culturally diverse background growing up around the Iglesias and the convent of the holy infant Jesus (C.H.I.J) my family in Singapore has always been a part of the ecclesiological landscape of the Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Growing up near the church, our door is always open to parishioners, itinerant preachers, priests and clerical staff. I remembered growing up around my grandmother Rosa Tan and helping about in her aroma-filled kitchen, baking cakes, cookies and dishing out local delights to busy priests dropping by for a cuppa, a quick bite, a soda or a chat old grandmother Rosa always has a listening ear and a comforting word. Since childhood I was inspired to pursue a religious life, always feeling the call of God in my heart. Growing up around the church open up doors for young children like me and my cousins so step up as altar servers in the church the liturgy is in my blood. The influence of the Iglesia in my early formative years has left its footprints; I love people, I enjoy giving a listening ear and praying with people to see their breakthroughs, whether big or small while respecting that the outcome remains with the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscience- Trinitarian God.

I have a background in Corrections with the Department of Justice and Community Services. I am passionate about social justice, natural justice, empowering a generation through the Anglican faith and sending them out as salt of the world. I have recently completed my Master of Theology from Trinity College Melbourne University. My passion is to win more souls to Jesus Christ. My hobbies are reading with a penchant for religious and philosophical books. I enjoy Christian meditation using the Philokalia and Heart Centering prayer; an aged old dessert tradition enlivens by Revd Cynthia Bougeault. I enjoy listening to old church music my latest passion is The Llibre Vermell de Montserrat a manuscript collection of devotional texts containing medieval songs.

I am newly married to Alex De-Leon and have moved into the Curate house behind the church. I am new to Brighton, I’m looking forward to hearing your stories about Brighton and checking out the loveliest cafes and restaurants around the area.

We will formally welcome Xeverie and Alex on Sunday.


New sign arriving soon

Our new electronic signboard will hopefully be erected next Friday. The software has been downloaded and the footings are now in place and the electrical conduit installed in anticipation. We hope the existing signboard can be relocated to the New Street frontage.


Concert series


Choral Evensong - Sunday 13 June

Choral Evensong returns on the second Sunday of the month at 6pm, our first for 2022 being Sunday 13 February. Following the service, parent, parishioners and choristers are welcome to join together for dinner at the Marine Hotel. Booking here. Please book on or before Monday 7 February so we can advise the hotel of numbers.




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