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Vicar's News - 5 July 2020

This Sunday at St Andrew’s Brighton is the fifth Sunday after Pentecost. One of ‘the comfortable words of Jesus’ is the focus of our Gospel reading today - in church, on Zoom and on video. Please join us on the links above.

Registration is necessary for our ‘in church’ services as numbers are limited. It doesn’t appear that this limitation on church gatherings will be expanded for some time given the number of hot spots arising in Melbourne, so you can now register for our services as far ahead as the end of September. As the government and Diocesan restrictions are relaxed, or our service times change in response to the gradual removal of those restrictions, then we will add extra spaces to the services or alter the times and let you know.

Register early for any of the services Wednesdays @ 11am and Sundays @ 9.30am in any of the following ways:

· ring 03 9592 1240

· ring or SMS 0421 321 321

Our video and Zoom service will continue, though the Zoom bi-lingual service will be at 11am from net Sunday.

Our Opportunity Shop is re-opening on Wednesday 15 July. Its initial COVID trading days will be on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, plus on the third Saturday mornings in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market. Exciting times with a fresh look in the shop, but we do need more volunteers to take a shift on a monthly basis. Could that be you? No need to start immediately if you are still self-isolating, but if you like meeting people then this could be the ‘opportunity’ for you. If you are interested, please speak with the Op Shop Convenor, Heather Sanderson on 0428 671 968.

Share Community Campus, an initiative of Brighton Grammar, is now looking after bookings for the halls and rooms in our Parish Centre. Michele Lyons can be contacted at or 03 85912232. This new arrangement will enhance our invoicing too as Michele is just down the corridor from our bookkeeper. Angela Alomes who returns on 11 August, will no doubt be pleased to have this element removed from her desk, though we will still be opening up or issuing keys from the Parish Office for the convenience of hall users.

Thank you to all those who have given generously to our appeal so far. Rebuilding our finances is an imperative if we are to sustain ministry in Brighton and maintain our facilities, particularly after 1 October when our government subsidies cease. On-line donations or donation form can be found here.


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