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Vicar's News - 30 January 2022

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Lots of outdoor work in the Parish grounds this week and next. On Thursday volunteers moved heaps of mulch into the cemetery. This will assist our intrepid gardeners, Gail and Jan, in beautifying the graves. Once a new pathway surface is established, we hope to have more tours of the cemetery.

This will also allow us to progressively replace mulch with some lawn in the front of the church.


Xeverie's Ordination as deacon

Our new Assistant Curate, Xevervie Swee, will be ordained to the Diaconate (made a deacon) on Saturday 5 February in St Paul's Cathedral at 10.30am. We will welcome Xeverie at the services on Sunday 6 February.


New Assistant Director of Music

I am very pleased to advise that Tim Mallis has accepted my offer to be the Assistant Director of Music at St Andrew's. Tim has been playing the organ and piano for us during January and as been well received by parishioners. Tim has an extensive background which you can read here. Tim will commence with us on 1 February, just in time for the return of our choir. He met the choir parents at Friday evening's annual meeting of the St Andrew's Choir Parents Association (SACPA).


Choir returns

It will be a busy Sunday next week as it will be the first Sunday for the then to be Reverend Xeverie Swee, and the choir returns under the combined direction of Calvin and Tim.

A Barbecue will be provided for us by the SACPA parents in the cloister after the 10am service.


Our single men gather for refreshments and a chat on the first Thursday of every second month at Laurent, 71 Church St Brighton at 10am. - this coming Thursday. See you there.


Marquee gets plenty of use

Lots of people have been using the marquee during this hot weather, and it is not uncommon to see people there from early in the morning. Lunching, reading, using laptops and listening to music, there certainly are more people using the church grounds.


Chapel alternative

As the church and chapel floors were bring being repolished this week, we repurposed the new Meeting Room into a comfortable space for our mid-week service.


Op Shop $2 sale continues this week following another week of busy trading. This week the shop is back to its regular trading hours:

Wednesday & Thursday - 10am -3pm


mainly music

We will be delaying the start of our mainly music program this year pending the return of children to school next week and the spread of Coronavirus at schools is known.



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