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Vicar's News - 30 August 2020

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Sébastien Bourdon, Burning Bush, 17th century

Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

In today’s reading from the Old Testament, Moses encounters God in the form a burning bush. Although it is on fire, it is not consumed. God, in the midst of the tribulation of his people, like Jesus the light that shines in the darkness, cannot be extinguished - More on this in this morning’s sermon on video and at 11am.

A feast of options for services this morning – some videos to watch and others you can join in on Zoom.  We have a new participatory service today - : Mattins : - which you can join through the link above at 10am.

The bi-lingual service has moved to the new time at 11 am.

This week’s video Holy Eucharist service for whole of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, recorded at St David’s Moorabbin, features the Reverend Michelle Wang as the celebrant with Bishop Paul Barker giving the sermon. This service can seen at anytime using the link above.

In addition, our weekly video service of Holy Eucharist is available anytime by clicking on the appropriate link above. I was going to say our ‘usual’ weekly service but this week is special as it includes the reception of our Director of Music, Dr Calvin Bowman, into the Anglican Communion. Bishop Paul Barker makes a guest appearance for this part of the service, and we welcome Calvin as an Anglican.

All of our past video services are available on our YouTube channel which can be accessed at and then searching for ‘St Andrews Brighton’. Up they will all pop.

In a fortnight we expect the State Government to announce a move towards a reduction of the current State 4 COVID-19 restrictions. Commentators do not think that that these will be wound down as quickly or in the same manner as they were earlier in the year. Masks, limits on numbers, and social distancing may remain feature of our lives for some time to come, even if cafés and shops reopen. Will we ever be able to shake hands again?

Who is that masked man?

It is unlikely we will make the planned date for our choir to be with us again in October as singing will probably be one of the last activities to return to churches. A recent study has been completed on the impact that singing has on viral spread through choir performances and it seems less problematic than we might have imagined. This report is on our Facebook page, and can also be accessed here. We will have to wait and see. We may have to welcome the choristers back in small groups until the restrictions permit full choral works.

This week Parish Council is considering some options as to how, when and where we plan to re-open, but this will ultimately depend on the manner in which government and Diocesan restrictions are eased. More on this when we have some clarity as to the way forward.

The work at the intersection of St Andrew’s and Church Streets is now complete. The new illuminated parking space directional indicators should begin operation soon – they are currently being tested (ie. they may be wildly inaccurate at present), though parking has not really been an issue in Stage 4.

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Keep safe and warm.