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Vicar's News - 30 August 2020

Sébastien Bourdon, Burning Bush, 17th century

Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

In today’s reading from the Old Testament, Moses encounters God in the form a burning bush. Although it is on fire, it is not consumed. God, in the midst of the tribulation of his people, like Jesus the light that shines in the darkness, cannot be extinguished - More on this in this morning’s sermon on video and at 11am.

A feast of options for services this morning – some videos to watch and others you can join in on Zoom.  We have a new participatory service today - : Mattins : - which you can join through the link above at 10am.

The bi-lingual service has moved to the new time at 11 am.

This week’s video Holy Eucharist service for whole of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, recorded at St David’s Moorabbin, features the Reverend Michelle Wang as the celebrant with Bishop Paul Barker giving the sermon. This service can seen at anytime using the link above.

In addition, our weekly video service of Holy Eucharist is available anytime by clicking on the appropriate link above. I was going to say our ‘usual’ weekly service but this week is special as it includes the reception of our Director of Music, Dr Calvin Bowman, into the Anglican Communion. Bishop Paul Barker makes a guest appearance for this part of the service, and we welcome Calvin as an Anglican.

All of our past video services are available on our YouTube channel which can be accessed at and then searching for ‘St Andrews Brighton’. Up they will all pop.

In a fortnight we expect the State Government to announce a move towards a reduction of the current State 4 COVID-19 restrictions. Commentators do not think that that these will be wound down as quickly or in the same manner as they were earlier in the year. Masks, limits on numbers, and social distancing may remain feature of our lives for some time to come, even if cafés and shops reopen. Will we ever be able to shake hands again?

Who is that masked man?

It is unlikely we will make the planned date for our choir to be with us again in October as singing will probably be one of the last activities to return to churches. A recent study has been completed on the impact that singing has on viral spread through choir performances and it seems less problematic than we might have imagined. This report is on our Facebook page, and can also be accessed here. We will have to wait and see. We may have to welcome the choristers back in small groups until the restrictions permit full choral works.

This week Parish Council is considering some options as to how, when and where we plan to re-open, but this will ultimately depend on the manner in which government and Diocesan restrictions are eased. More on this when we have some clarity as to the way forward.

The work at the intersection of St Andrew’s and Church Streets is now complete. The new illuminated parking space directional indicators should begin operation soon – they are currently being tested (ie. they may be wildly inaccurate at present), though parking has not really been an issue in Stage 4.

Click on the photos below to join us during the week for:

Keep safe and warm.


主任牧师寄语 30/08/2020

按此观看由Michelle担任主席的教区视频崇拜 (任何时候)


Sebastien Bourdon,《燃烧的灌木》,17世纪


在今天的旧约阅读中,摩西遇到了上帝, 他以一丛燃烧的灌木的形式出现在摩西目前。虽然它燃烧,却没有被烧毁。上帝,在他的子民的苦难中,像耶稣一样,是照亮黑暗的光,永远不能被熄灭——在今天的视频布道和上午11点的崇拜中牧师将更多地谈到这一点。


我们今天有一个新的参与崇拜-:晨祷: -你可以在上午10点通过上面的链接进入。


本周的圣公会墨尔本教区圣餐礼 在圣David教堂录制,以Michelle Wang牧师为主持,Paul Barker主教主持布道。此项崇拜可以随时通过以上链接在网上观看。

此外,我们每周的圣餐崇拜录像可随时按以上链接观看。我本想说我们每周的“例行”礼拜,但这周很特别,因为我们的音乐总监Calvin Bowman博士加入了圣公会。Paul Barker主教参与了这次的欢迎仪式,我们欢迎Calvin成为圣公会信徒。

我们过去所有的视频崇拜都可以在YouTube频道上找到,你可以登陆,然后搜索“St Andrews Brighton”。它们都会显示出来。

我们预计邦政府将在两周内宣布一项行动,减少目前的COVID-19限制级别。评论人士认为,感染数据将不会像今年早些时候那样迅速 或以同样的方式减少。即使咖啡馆和商店重新开业,口罩、人数限制和社交距离可能在未来一段时间仍将是我们生活的一部分。我们还能再握手吗?


本周教会委员会正在考虑一些选项, 比如,何时 何地我们如何计划重新开放,但这将最终取决于政府和教区的方式放松限制。当我们对未来的道路有了一些明确的认识时,我们将进一步讨论这个问题。

在St Andrew’s an和Church Street交汇处的工作已经完成。新的照明停车位方向指示器将很快开始运行,它们目前正在测试中。他们目前可能是非常不准确的,(尽管在第四阶段停车一点也不困难。)

我们的网上崇拜及查经详情可在圣安德烈教会的网页上找到,At Home @ St Andrew’s

星期三上午十时三十分加入我们的“与教区牧师及朋友见面”。你可以通过网络 加入或电话进入。如果您有任何活动需要联系我们,请致电0421 321 321。




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