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Vicar's News - 3 January 2021

A New Year

The Rev’d Angela Tilby is a regular contributor to the Church Times and was a mentor to me when I studied at Oxford in 2019. She recently posed an article on-line and I thought it is worth sharing:

“Most of us are glad to see the back of 2020. It was a terrible year. Even those of us who have not been badly affected may feel cheated of what we have assumed to be our right to happiness and security.

One of the tougher ways of seeing salvation, is to accept that this earthly life is not and never will be, a paradise. Suffering is part of the deal, and it is often random and unmerited. Salvation is no guarantee of personal fulfilment, but is about God’s saving us from the consequences of our own, and others’, perversity. In the short term, evil sometimes wins. The darkness sometimes closes over us. And yet “the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.” The Authorised Version “comprehended” makes the point: the light is just too good, too fascinating, too beautiful for evil to get its claws into. Holding to this requires faith and fortitude.

As 2020 gives way to 2021, we might wonder what we mean when we wish each other a happy new year. Perhaps, in 2021, the Church can encourage us to practise the virtues of faith and fortitude, even though they cannot ensure either safety, happiness, or the “progress” that we assume is our destiny.

Salvation in this world is not the fulfilment of progressive dreams, but, rather, the capacity to rest in God’s will, trusting in God’s ultimate justice. We are called not to be the spiritual branch of the NHS, but heralds of Good News — a reality that we ourselves can barely comprehend”.

Our healing service (with anointing (the sacrament of Holy Unction) will return on the first Wednesday of each month at 10.30am, commencing on 3 February 2021.


St Thomas Beckett

On Wednesday we celebrated the 850th anniversary of the murder of Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury. He turned his back on ways of life which focus on possessions, style, fashion, calculations based on power, ownership and popularity, and focused only on fidelity to Christ and his church as the measure and motivation of his words and actions. This is of relevance to every disciple of Jesus, for Thomas’ decision, and the life and death which followed, shows us the true ‘cost of discipleship’,


Christmas & New Year lights



Children's Christmas Service



Carols & Lessons



Midnight Mass


Thank you to everyone who assisted at Christmas to make the services truly memorable for those attending.



Registration for Services

Our events calendar now allows for registration for all our regular services through to Christmas 2021. If you were registered prior to Christmas just past, then you are probably already the list for your regular service. If in doubt you may register again and we will delete any duplicates.

Registration remains necessary to ensure we can provide a formal list of attendees should contact tracing by the Health Department be necessary. Registration in this way also allows us to reduce our seated social distancing to 2 square metres per person. This permits more people to attend services. Please observe the pew signage indicating how seating is to be arranged for each pew so as to comply with this requirement.

Masks must now be worn inside at all times due to the recent reoccurrence of COVID in Victoria.


Happy New Year



安吉拉·蒂尔比Angela Tilby牧师是《教会时报》的定期撰稿人,也是我2019年在牛津学习时的导师。她最近在网上发表了一篇文章,我认为这篇文章值得分享:


对待救恩,其中一个比较困难的方法就是 接受在地上的生活并不是,也永远绝不会是天堂。痛苦是其中的一部分,它通常是随机的和不确定的。救恩不是个人成就的保证,而是神将我们从我们自己和他人的反常后果中拯救出来。从短期来看,邪恶有时会获胜。黑暗有时会遮蔽我们。然而“光照在黑暗里,黑暗却不接受光。”授权版的《理解》(comprehended)表达了这样的观点: 光太好,太迷人,太美丽,邪恶的魔爪无法进入。坚持这一点需要信念和毅力。

随着2020年让位给2021年,我们可能想明确我们祝福对方新年快乐是什么意思。也许在2021年,教会可以鼓励我们实践信仰和刚毅的美德,尽管这些美德不能保证我们的安全、幸福,也不能保证我们自己命运的 “进步” 。





周三,我们庆祝了坎特伯雷大主教托马斯·贝克特(Thomas Beckett)被谋杀850周年纪念日。他抛弃了那种注重财产、风格、时尚、以权力、所有权和声望为基础计算的生活方式,只把对基督的忠诚作为衡量和激励他言行的标准。这关系到耶稣的每一个门徒,因为托马斯的决定,以及他随后的生与死,向我们展示了真正的“门徒身份的代价”



我们的event Calendar 活动日历现在允许注册所有我们的常规崇拜到2021年圣诞节。如果你是在圣诞节前注册的,那么你可能已经是你的常规崇拜的名单了。如果有疑问,您可以再次注册,我们将删除任何重复的注册。




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