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Vicar's News - 29 January 2023

Australia Day service 2023

On Saturday we look for ideas for the financial future of St Andrew's, and on Sunday at 10am we celebrate our country and look to its future for all Australians.

Let us give thanks for our land, our people, and express confidence in our country's future and ask for God's blessing. Your choice of red, white and blue or yellow and green clothing.


St Andrew’s future - ideas

The Parish Council want all parishioners to be aware that the Parish is in a precarious financial position (like many others), and to be aware of the impact that this is likely to have on St Andrew’s future.

Unless adequate funding can be secured, significant reductions will be necessary and these will, in turn, have further negative financial, worship and pastoral consequences.

The Parish Council have already explored many possibilities whilst also continuing to seek further support from outside the Parish. They want to exhaust all avenues of potential revenue and your thoughts on the way forward would be welcome to ensure no possibility is overlooked.

A special meeting with Parish Council members on Saturday 28 January at 9am, now in the Church due to the increasing incidence of COVID. Masks are recommended.

If you have a suggestion on how we might generate a significant income boost, you are welcome to attend and present your idea. This is your chance to have input into possible sources of income or adaptations to preserve our parish services and activities as they presently exist.

To keep us focussed on positive future proposals (rather than a discussion of the past), 3 minutes will be allocated as the maximum time to present each idea. The Parish Council will then take up all the suggestions for further consideration.



This Saturday evening the service will be taken by our Associate Priest, the Rev'd Christine Croft, preaching on the Beatitudes in St Matthew's gospel.


Music on Sunday

soloist - Chloe James

Prelude: II. Adagio from Sonata No. 3 in C minor – Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1911)

Anthem: Lord, cause Thy face to shine upon Thy servant – Michael Costa (1808-1884)

Motet: O taste and see – John Goss (1800-1880), arr. Timothy Mallis

Postlude: Fantasia in C major – Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Hymns Carol of the Birds The National Anthem Lord of earth and all creation Where wide sky rolls down The wildflowers in their beauty


Organ refurbishment

The first stage of the organ refurbishment is physically underway. The new digital equipment has arrived from the UK and the gallery console has been removed for updating. Photos courtesy of Calvin.


Kids' Church

This week our KC team will finalise our preparations for the first Kids' Church service of 2023. We will be blessing backpacks for those returning to school.


St Andrew's Choir

Our choir is back next Sunday at 10am, when we will commission the new choristers.. Some choristers were farewelled last year, but there will be new faces joining the choir, so please welcome them and their families next Sunday. SACPA are providing us a sausage sizzle after the 10am service, which we hope the Kids' Church families can join in too.


Simeon's group

Our coffee group for older men, single or widowed, is on this Thursday 2 February at 10am in Laurent, 71 Church Street.





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