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Vicar's News - 26 February 2023

Lent 1

The church season of Lent is upon us - a time of reflection on self and repentance.

Our Lenten Bible Studies commence on Tuesday afternoons - 5-6pm in the Small Hall.


English Conversation Class 2023

Students and leaders of our Tuesday conversation classes. Special thanks to Xev and Apple.

Xev writes:

"I am so happy to be back home, so see your beautiful faces and to hold services in church. Although, I am still a bit Jetlagged, my body clock is still travelling on UK time which is approximately 11 hours behind. But I am happy to dive in to work. Our English Conversation Group is growing steadily, we have more students than we expected. We are recruiting volunteer teachers so if you are interested, please come, and talk to me.


Shrove Tuesday pancakes

Thank you to Kathryn and her daughter who make great (pancakes) crépes for us on Tuesday evening. Thanks to all who attended this yummy event. Xev writes:

"Strove Tuesday we were greeted by yummy pancakes, courtesy of the Vicar, about 40 people turned up and we were all fed, sat, and chatted."


Ash Wednesday

Xev writes: "On Ash Wednesday, I celebrated my first service since returning from the trip, I have missed everyone. We had coffee after the service and shared stories."

In the evening we have a choral service for Ash Wednesday with beautiful music and the imposition of ashes.


Sunday at 8am

Young Ahri wandered up to the altar at the right time to lend a hand at the consecration.



Yes, flowers in Lent for a beautiful wedding of Sony and Anisha yesterday.



This morning at 11.45am we welcomed Mila into the Church of God through the sacrament of Holy Baptism.





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