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Vicar's News - 25 June 2023

EUCHARIST @ 10.00 AM with cantor from the choir

Prelude: Voluntary XIII – Maurice Greene (1695-1755)

Hymns: Processional For all the Saints

Gradual Take up thy cross, the Saviour said

Thanksgiving Praise to the holiest in the heigh

Post Communion The strife is o’er, the battle done

Setting:     St Andrew’s Mass – Timothy Mallis (b.1996)

Psalm: 86: 5-6, 9-10, 15-16; Mallis

Anthem: Jesu, grant me this I pray – Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)

Motet: Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle – NEH 78 v 1,4,5

Postlude:     Tuba Tune – C.S. Lang (1891-1971)


Organ Console Blessing

This Sunday morning, following refreshments in the narthex (so about 11.30am, we will be stepping back into the church for a short blessing of our new organ consoles and a short recital (10 mins).


The humble Banksia - 'winter joy'

Banksias are in flower and this beautiful one came from our parishioners, Peter Batchelor & Ruth Jones's garden. Peter points out that the banksia is represented in the Resurrection window on the northern side of the Pioneer Chapel, appearing above Mary's head.

It was a favourite of the late Lindy Farrell, in whose memory a short poem inscribed below the window.


Warning - Burglaries

Our local member of State Parliament points out the increase in burglaries in the Brighton area. One of our Op Shop assistants was knocked over by criminals as the ran out of her home when she returned for a short outing. Please member to lock up and hide your car keys as these are especially sought-after. The church remains locked when not in use, for the security of our office personnel and our media equipment.



As part of the construction of the new school building adjacent to the church, our main switchboard will be replaced as it is extremely dangerous in its present condition, indeed electricians marvel that it was ever approved. This is surprising since the former church burnt down due to an electrical fault. Until it is replaced we are constrained as to any electrical changes we may wish to make to the church building. Electrical engineers have recently inspected the current installation and a new design is being prepared. It is anticipated that the new switchboard will be built and installed early in 2024.


Parish dinner with the Choir

On Wednesday evening 100 parishioners and guests attended the Parish Dinner with the Choir in Pantry. A great evening with some stellar solo performances by our choristers and full choral works too. Thanks to Pantry for the repast that evening and to Susie Douglas and Felicity Stretch for co-ordinating the event, and to Tim Mallis and Calvin Bowman for preparing the choristers for the evening.


The crane is up

A large crane has now been erected in the building site.


Holiday break

The Thursday 9.30am Chinese morning prayer group celebrated at a Japanese restaurant after church. Both they and the English Conversation Group will resume at the beginning of term 3 - the week of 17 July.




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