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Vicar's News - 24 April 2022

This Sunday we commemorate Anzac Day at our 10am service.

Medals may be worn.

Lest we forget.


Lady Chapel reopens

Repairs have been carried out to the Lady Chapel ceiling and it is now open for services again. The tapestry of the Mary has been removed for possible display by the Embroider's Guild of NSW. Subsequently we will devise a manner of attaching it to the chapel wall rather than the ceiling, as the suspended ceiling has now been removed from the sanctuary of the chapel.



This week we farewelled The Hon. Charles Wheeler, former Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria and we extend our condolences to Wendy and their family.

May he rest in peace.

Many thanks to the Choral Lay Clerks who sang at the funeral.


Xev's back

Xeverie had bad a few days away after Easter Day and she is back with us this weekend. She sent me this beautiful photo of a sunset at Glenrowan for the Vicar's News.


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