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Vicar's News - 23 January 2022

Australia Day services

Our services for Australia Day will be held on Sunday at 8am and 10am.

There will be a service on Wednesday at 10.30am as usual, but in the 'Meeting Room',

as the floor of the Lady Chapel is being repolished.


Xeverie and Alex are married

Our new Curate, Xeverie and her fiancé Alex were married yesterday at St Peter's Eastern Hill, where Xev has been a student minister for 2 years. Congratulations to them both. They have now settled into 230A New Street. Xev will be ordained in St Paul's Cathedral on Saturday 5 February and her first formal services with us will be on 6 February.


Rakes and shovels working bee

On Thursday next, 27 January, at 10am we are having a working bee on the front lawn to remove some of the mulch under the trees to the graveyard. We hope that some more grass will grow around the canopy of the trees so that it can be mown (which isn't possible when it pops up within the mulch. Please join is and bring a rake or spade or both. We have arranged for some wheelbarrows.

The mulch is to be placed on the graves to complete the project started 18 months ago by our intrepid memorial garden gardens, Gail and Jan.


Meeting room

In anticipation of Xeverie's commencement as Assistant Curate, the office arrangement has been reworked. Xeverie will be in the room next to me and part of the Parish office.

The Meeting Room will now share space with the Vestry (where the sanctuary party robe prior to a service. The redecoration of this room is almost complete. Hop you head and take a peak after the services on Sunday.


The Opportunity Shop has done a roaring trad last week taking nearly $1,500 in 2 days during a $2 sale. One person bought 180 items.

Due to the public holiday on Wednesday, the Op Shop will be open:

Tuesday and Thursday 10am - 3pm

The $2 sale continues!!



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