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Vicar's News - 22 March 2020

Dear parishioners and friends of St Andrew’s,

Some 'Mothering Sunday' colour to brighten your day

Based on updated government and medical advice, Roman Catholic churches throughout Australia, all Anglian churches in Brisbane, Sydney, Tasmania and in Canada, as well as the whole of the Church of England and the Episcopal church in the US, have ceased public worship services.

Clearly these are decisions that have not been taken lightly as religious bodies seek to serve the best interests of their followers, staff and clergy whilst also seeking to be a presence of reassurance and continuity in an unfamiliar and evolving social environment.

For a community like St Andrew’s with its an emphasis on the Sacraments and communal worship, the idea of the cessation of services is a devastating prospect. However, in this fast-moving pandemic era, the Archbishop has decreed that all Anglican churches in Melbourne must cease public worship services from tomorrow.

We do intend that the church will remain open for prayer and reflection, again whilst we are allowed to do so. See our COVID-19 Information and Resources page for more details of, and resources for, these interim arrangements.

Our Lenten Studies will be on our website shortly.

To ensure that communication lines are maintained with all parishioners and friends of St Andrew’s, we will be adding you to our regular distribution list through the website portal.

A number of parishioners and members of the Mandarin community have offered to assist with home delivery of food (subject to availability) if you are self-isolating or need assistance at this time, so please let Michelle (mb 0403 642 178) or I know.

Your spiritual well-being is important to us so please feel free to contact the clergy at any time.

Strength and courage at this difficult time,

Fr Ian

(Mb 0421 321 321)


COVID-19 Information & Resources

The St Andrew's Brighton web site provides the information and resources you might need to fulfil your own personal spiritual needs during this unprecedented time. Visit us at and visit our COVID-19 Pandemic page.


A Service of Holy Eucharist

Did you miss today's last public Service?

Or you may wish to view a Holy Eucharist Service at a later time?

Or just wish to watch the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist?

Well now you can, St Andrew's style.

Watch the whole of today's service now by clicking here or view the Service at your leisure from our COVID-19 Information and Resources page.

Perhaps in the days to come you may wish to only view the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist? You can do so by clicking here or again accessing it via the COVID-19 Information and Resources page. Also a resource information on 'Spiritual Communion' is also available.

Please bear with us as we have a crash course in video production and grow accustomed to providing these new and safe ways for you to continue your personal and family worship.


Economic Distress During the Social-Isolation Period

The impact of this unexpected pandemic will cause financial hardship to many people. Some will be forced to take time off work to look after children who would otherwise be a school. Older citizens are more susceptible to the devastating impact that this virus can have on longevity, and will be forced to fully self-isolate and have food delivered. We have some kind volunteers who have offered to assist with some shopping and could drop the items at your door.

Some people, particularly on casual contracts, may become unemployed as business feel the recession biting their sales (unless it is essential groceries etc).

Our parish is not immune from these losses. The Op Shop is closed and all hall hirers have ceased their operations, so we anticipate a loss of about $80,000 in this parish financial year just from these two sources. Our loss to date from 1 October is already $36,500.

Coupled with the potential loss of open plate giving and donations for four months or more, we will face an enormous loss this year. The Parish Council are conscious of this and want to be transparent about this with parishioners at this point in time.

So we thank you to those new people who have joined the pledging scheme through the ADF, and those who have increased their pledges. These actions reinforce our continued funding over this very trying period.


Managing Your St Andrew's Brighton News Subscription

If you do not wish to continue to receive our News please unsubscribe via the 'unsubscribe' link provided at the bottom of our News email.



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