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Vicar's News - 22 July 2022

St James

Who is James? Apostle, martyr, son of Zebedee, or Alphaeus or of Joseph, Jesus' brother, half-brother, cousin?

We will investigate this at the weekend services.


Church heating

St Andrew's was not constructed with efficient heating for a building of its size - apparently a choice made at the time of construction. This leaves us with the underseat heating is not intended to heat the building, just your legs and perhaps your 'seat'. There is now no other effective option, given the lack of underfloor access, the width of the nave, and the height of the ceiling. At some point all the heaters will have to be replaced and this will be an expensive exercise because they will have to be specially manufactured.

Not all the heaters work and, for unknown reasons, some of them have no electrical connection. They use a considerable amount of energy which we are ill-placed to afford at this time, though in this cold weather, the heating is turned on at 8am for the 10am service. There has been concern expressed that 60 years old electrical fittings may not be safe to use so they have been used only parsimonially. At this stage, no electrical work can be carried out on the heater connections until our switchboard is replaced (later this year).

I have audited those pews which have working heaters. If there is a red dot on the pew, there is no heating in that pew - principally at the very front and rear.

Sat@6, 8am Sunday and the Wednesday and Thursday services continue in the Lady Chapel where there is air conditioning.


Recital on this Sunday


Concert in Hampton next Sunday




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