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Vicar's News - 16.10.2022

After Sir John Everett Millais, The Pharisee and the Tax Collector, 1864

Jesus addressed this parable to those who were convinced of their own righteousness

and despised everyone else. He offered this parable as a reminder of the truth he wished to convey: that the Kingdom of God is made up of people who might be considered unlikely candidates. In the Palestine of that time, the Pharisees were one of the leading religious groups. They prided themselves on their knowledge of and adherence to the many laws and customs which had grown up in Judaism since the days of Moses. Much of the opposition to Jesus came from this group. They found his message and his entire life to be suspect, to be “not quite right”. And it was ultimately they who orchestrated his death.


Saturday evening


Next Sunday



This year's Melbourne Anglican Diocesan Synod met this week - three evenings on-line and one day in the cathedral. Our Synod representatives, Philippa McKenna, Simon Farrow, Susie Douglas, Xeverie and myself dutifully participated. There were two important pieces of Diocesan legislation brought to Synod - the Archbishop Election Act (which will determine how we elect Archbishops in the future) and the Clergy Act (which alters the relationship between clergy members and the Melbourne Anglican Diocesan Corporation, and provides for longer tenure of clergy, given the large numbers of vacant parishes at this time). The on-line procedures made for very efficient and accurate voting on motions brought to the Synod.

The Diocese like most parishes is operating in the red, with a budgeted loss for 2023 of some $1.5m.


Parish Hall leaks

The large Parish Hall has been let to Brighton Grammar for the duration of the building work which is due to commence at the end of this month. As previously mentioned, the roof of the building continues to leak significantly and damage is being sustained interior. Whilst we have retained use of the small hall, choir room, kitchen and storeroom, we will have to take action to remedy the water penetration, and this will be expensive. Resealing or replacing the roof, whilst recommended by consultants, is beyond our financial capabilities. Further investigations will be undertaken but locating roof leaks is notoriously difficult. In the meantime, we will have to relocate items in storage, some of which have perished.


Blessing of the Pets

Last Sunday at 10am we had our Blessing of the Pets service, a morning well received by the dogs as well as their owners and carers.





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