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Vicar's News - 14 March 2021

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Laetare Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Lent, takes its name from the Latin word which begins the entrance antiphon (introit) set for that day. Laetare means rejoice, and this Sunday is marked by a relaxation of the penitential character of the Lenten season. In church, decorative flowers may be used, and the organ may be played more fully.

On this Sunday, we look with expectation to the great Solemnity of Easter for which we have been preparing ourselves as a Church during the Lenten season. By its anticipation of the joy of Easter, Laetare Sunday is meant to give us hope and encouragement as we slowly progress towards the Paschal Feast.

Priest may wear rose vestments, the colour rose as a sign of the joy. And indeed it is a great joy Sunday at 10am to celebrate 60 years for Fr Barry Martin’s ordination as a priest.

It is also Mothering Sunday, where we celebrating the women who have nurtured us throughout our lives. In the 16th century, Mothering Sunday was less about mothers and more about church. Back then, people would make a journey to their ‘mother’ church once a year. This might have been their home church, their nearest cathedral or a major parish church in a bigger town. The service which took place at the ‘mother’ church symbolised the coming together of families. This would have represented a significant journey for many.

Another tradition was to allow those working in the fields on wealthy farms and estates in England to have the day off on the fourth Sunday of Lent to visit their mothers and possibly go to church too. This was a variation on the theme of visiting the 'mother' church and was a move towards a more family focussed occasion. Before the days of cars and roads, family get-togethers were far more rare, (and facetime was still a long way off). In some ways this tradition is still alive today as grown up children often visit their parents on mothering Sunday.

Today’s gospel is not about mothers, but rather about Jesus’ encounter with Nicademus, where we see truth and grace in tandem to change the life of Nicodemus forever.



We congratulate Tim and Emma who were married here on Saturday.


Lenten Bible Study

Our Lenten study series based on materials prepared by St George’s College in Jerusalem continues. Please join us on-line by Zoom on Thursday mornings from 10-11am here. This week “The Road”.


This week at St Andrew’s

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Choral Evensong this evening






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