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Vicar's News - 12 July 2022

Funeral for Fr Barry Martin AM

The requiem for Fr Barry Martin will be held on Friday 15 July 2022 at 2pm at St Andrew's.

For those unable to attend, you can watch the service on-line here or use this QR code:

A copy of the Order of Service, when completed, can be downloaded here


Fr Barry's church service

Barry was ordained in Melbourne as a deacon in 1960 and to the priesthood in 1961.

After being ordained, Barry served as Curate at All Saints’ West Essendon (1960-62); Curate at St Phillip’s Heidelberg West (1962); Curate at St John’s Malvern East (1962-1964); at Melbourne Diocese Centre (1964-1970); Priest in Charge at St Mary’s North Melbourne (1964-1970 within Melbourne Diocesan Centre; Personal Chaplain and Examining Chaplain to Archbishop of Melbourne (1970 – 1974); study leave to Birmingham University, UK (1974-1977); Director at Anglican Inner City Ministry Melbourne and Priest in Charge St Alban’s North Melbourne (1977-1980); Teacher and Assistant Chaplain The Peninsula School (1980-1982); Assistant Priest, Christ the King Mount Eliza and St James the Less, Mount Eliza (1980-1982); Chaplain Firbank Anglican Grammar School (1983-1987); Area Dean St Kilda (1985-1987); Director Div Community Care (1988—1993); Executive director Anglicare and Archdeacon for Welfare, Diocese of Brisbane (1993-1999), Associate Priest St Andrew’s Brighton (1999-2004).

Barry continued to serve the Diocese with Permission to Officiate since his retirement in 2004 and as Archdeacon Emeritus in the Diocese of Melbourne from 2013.


Professor Neville Norman crafted these words in memory of Barry:

A Tribute to Archdeacon Emeritus Barry Martin AM

Loving and loved husband and father, loving and dedicated priest, loving friend to so many: none of this says enough to reflect the wonderful, and Godly, qualities, and contributions, of the Revd. Barry M. Martin.

Barry came into our lives through our daughters, when he was a chaplain at their School, Firbank Grammar, in Brighton, some thirty years ago. They loved him from the start, and have cherished the contacts, limited as they have been, with Anne and Barry, ever since.

Margaret and I enjoyed Barry’s ministry and friendship at St Andrew’s church, Brighton, which Barry made his spiritual home in retirement. Barry held his head and spirits high during twisting times for this church, honour, persistence and dedication always his hallmark qualities.

Some twenty years ago, in March 2002, Barry was a Spiritual Adviser when I made my Cursillo. His biblical interpretations and forging links between text and messages for current-day living were legion, most especially bringing to life the inspirational messages from David and Bathsheba: temptation, sin, multiple possible outcomes, coverups and unforeseen events (in that story, the pivotal role of Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba’s husband, who refused to be part of a sinister plot): all perfectly interpolated and extended by Barry, to the point where I based my university lectures of Tax Evasion upon it, inspiring some students to ask, if I was a Christian, and others (knowing the answer), to confess their similar allegiance.

Following the Cursillo event, a group formed involving weekly, later fortnightly, meetings in our homes, called Group Reunion. Barry was a dedicated and superbly-contributing member of that group, from its inception, his last and memorable contribution, at our home, just over two weeks ago. While Barry’s battle with Parkinson’s was brave, we cannot forget his incisive and unique interpretations of the Bible passages we studied, each meeting, nor his urging to be active and alive when Christians can help.

Barry stayed with us in Cambridge while researching Christ’s Resurrection, his study speciality, and later both Anne and Barry were able to join us there on a comprehensive trip to UK, not long ago.

Barry made all around him feel good, and we hope that this was reciprocated. He had many close groups of associates, not least the group with whom he was ordained, over 50 years ago. While their numbers were dwindling, Barry organised functions for them to meet and minister together, ever creative in his love and desire to extend friendship, and his ministry.

The final years were difficult for Barry, and he fought manfully (to use that term in its proper context), in the spirit of Ephesians (6: 10-16), to fend off the forces that made him less able to do what he knew he was destined to do. That battle was aided by Anne, his loving wife, who supported Barry admirably.

Rest Eternal, good friend.

Neville Norman, 10th July, 2022.


Requiesat in pace Barry


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