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Vicar's News - 1 January 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The stable and HolyFamily craft made by those at the Children's Christmas Service.

Our Christmas services were a great success and many thanks are due to all those who assisted in making it a successful weekend. Lots of good reports from the Children's Service participants and interest in Kids' Church beginning in February. That day happens to coincide with the barbrque following the 10am service, so our Kids' Church participants will be able to 'grab a snag ' too. Thanks to SACPA for organising this event on the first day that the choir resumes following the school holidays.

Our children's service with 50 kids out the front listening to a Christmas story read beautifully by Susie Douglas

It was pleasing that attendance at all services was better than last year when we were just leaving the COVID restrictions. The Carol service was a treat with great choral works by our choir and alumni members.

The Normans at the Service of Carols and Lessons

And on Christmas Day we had plumes of incense in the sanctuary. thanks to Xeverie.



A reminder that there will not be a service this evening, New Year's Eve, but we return to normal services next Sunday.


Early Epiphany

Epiphany came early at St Andrew's and the nativity scene and Christmas trees has to be packed up as the floors in the church were polished in readiness for 2023. We will bring the wise men back for Sunday's service.


Music for Sunday


Prelude: ‘Three Kings from Persian Lands Afar’

Peter Cornelius (1824-1874), arr. Timothy Mallis (b.1996)

Hymns: Processional As with gladness men of old

Gradual What child is this NEH 40

Thanksgiving Hail, thou source of every blessing

Post Communion Hail to the Lord’s anointed

Setting: Christ Church Mass – Philip Matthias (b. 1954)

Psalm: 72: 1-9; NPCW

Anthem: Nearer, my God, to Thee – J. Lamont Galbraith (1870-1930)

Motet: Panis Angelicus – César Franck (1822-1890)

Postlude: Prelude in G Major, BWV 568 – Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)



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