Vicar's News - 29 November 2020

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

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Sunday is our 178th patronal festival and we will mark this by blessing our new icon of St Andrew at all our services this weekend for St Andrew’s Day – Sat@6, Sunday at 8am and 10am.

What a difference a week has made. our church will be able to accommodate 150 socially-distanced people for Christmas – 90 in the nave, 28 on the mezzanine level and 20 in the Pioneer Chapel (though some of the latter seats may be partial view) plus singers and clergy in the sanctuary. The limit on those registering has been increased so there should now be no problem registering for our regular services.

When you register for a service (apart from at Christmas) you will be booked in for all similar services until Christmas.

As Christmas is on a Friday, there will be no Sat@6 on 27 December and no 8am service on Sunday 28 December, but there will be a 10am service on that Sunday.

In-church services

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Christmas at St Andrews

REGISTRATION in the usual way is necessary due to the restricted numbers and because we have to collect this data for possible contact tracing by the State government in the event that COVID returns.

Those without the internet have been contacted regarding booking in for their preferred service. If you can’t manage the registration, then you are welcome to ring me on 0421 321 321.

Parish Office

The Parish Office reopens on Monday 30 November (tomorrow) and will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 3pm. Welcome back Angela!

BUT the phone has been messed up by Telstra and we don't know when it will be operative, so please contact me on 0421321321 in the meantime and I can pass the message on to Angela and she can get back to you.

Election of Officebearers

At the Parish Annual meeting yesterday, the following were declared elected:

Churchwardens: Susie Douglas, Jonathan Hough, Dwight King

Parish Council: Felicity Stretch, Cathy Zhang, Andrew Bottomley, Greg Kissane,

Roger Pym, Robert Timms, Dwight King, Johnson Xu


Incumbency Committee election

To allow time for postal votes to reach us, the voting will close on Friday and I will announce the result in next week’s Vicar’s News.

Fr Jan’s Christmas cakes

Order now - 0421 321 321

This week at St Andrew’s


8.00 am – Holy Eucharist in the church [register here]

10.00 am – Holy Eucharist in the church [register here]

11am – Bi-lingual service [join here]

Anytime – Video Eucharist [watch]


1.30pm – English Conversation Class [join here]


10am – Morning Prayer (in Chinese) [join here]

10.30am – Midweek Eucharist [register here]


10am – Bible study (in English) [join here]


7.30pm – Alpha Course (in Chinese) [join here]


6.00 pm – Sat@6 in the church [register here]

Sunday 6 December – Advent 2

8.00 am – Holy Eucharist in the church [register here]

10.00 am – Holy Eucharist in the church [register here]

If you have any trouble booking in for Christmas, please let me know.

主任牧师寄语 29/11/2020

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这个星期天是我们的第188个圣徒守护的节日, 我们将在本周末的圣安德烈日(Sat@6)的所有仪式上为我们的新画像祝福,以此来纪念这个节日—Sat@6圣安德烈;星期日上午8点和10点。 这一周发生了多么大的变化啊。在圣诞节期间,我们的教堂将能容纳150位会众 (需要社会保持距离)——90位在主堂,28位在二层,20位在先锋堂 (尽管后者可能只能看到部分场面),再加上中殿里的唱诗者和牧师。那些注册的限制人数已经增加了,因此现在注册参加我们的常规崇拜应该没有问题。 当你注册一个崇拜(除了在圣诞节),你将自动预订所有类似的崇拜,直到圣诞节。 由于圣诞节是在星期五,12月27日将没有Sat@6 ,12月28日星期日上午8点也没有崇拜,但在那个星期日将有上午10点的崇拜。


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那些没有互联网的人已经被联系到预订他们的首选崇拜。如果您不能管理注册,欢迎您致电0421 321 321联系我。





教会执事:Susie Douglas, Jonathan Hough, Dwight King

教区委员会成员: felicity Stretch, Cathy Zhang, Andrew Bottomley, Greg Kissane, Roger Pym,Robert Timms, Dwight King, Johnson Xu




Jan 牧师的圣诞蛋糕





8.00 am – 教堂内的圣餐崇拜[点击注册]

10.00 am –教堂内的圣餐崇拜[点击注册]




1.30pm – 英语对话小组 [点击进入]


上午10点-晨祷(中文)[ 点击进入]

上午10:30 –周中圣餐[点击进入]


上午10点-圣经学习(英文) ”( 点击进入)


晚上7:30 -中文圣经研习[点击进入]


6.00 pm – 教堂崇拜 [点击注册]

周日 29 November – 圣安德烈节

8.00 am – 教堂圣餐[点击注册]

10.00 am – 教堂圣餐