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Sponsor an organ pipe

As part of our fundraising appeal for the restoration of the War Memorial Grand Organ, we are offering donors to sponsor parts of the organ, and have their donation noted on a pipe, console or set of pipes.  Donations of $10,000 or more will be recorded on a plaque on the narthex stair wall.  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Click 'Sponsor now' and choose the 'sponsor a pipe' section of the donation categories. Insert the amount of your donation and you will be allocated the next available pipe in that category of pipes. A certificate showing the relevant pipe will be sent to you in recognition of your sponsorship.

Principal façade pipes

$2,500 each

These 20 pipes (10 at each end) are the largest diameter pipes visible on either end of the Gallery façade.

1. Sponsor a Principal Facade pipe (left

Violone Façade pipes


The 44 violin façade pipes are on either side of the stained glass 'tree of life' window.

2. Sponsor a Violone facade pipe (left).

Contra Bombarde 32'-  THE BIG ONES !

$4,000 each

The largest 12 pipes in the organ, these are positioned at the back of the organ on the left hand side. They are made from timber and are visible from the Nave of the church. They give a very loud rumble and are generally used when the full organ is played.

3. Sponsor a Pedal Contra Bombarde 32' p
4. Sponsor a Trompette en Chamade pipe c
11. Sponsor the Gallery console refurbis
8. Sponsor a Transept Organ pipe.jpg

Trompette en Chamade pipes

$1,000 each

The 61 solo trumpet pipes placed horizontally in the middle of the casework. These are very loud sounding pipes and are used for a loud trumpet solo or fanfare.

Gallery console refurbishment


Sponsor the full refurbishment of the gallery console. This includes an upgrade of all electrical components which currently date from the 1960s. By making this major gift, a plaque will be affixed to the console noting your generosity in funding its operational refurbishment in 2021.

Transept Organ pipes

$200 each

The 306 pipes which make transept organ are situated on the platform in the eastern transept. This division of the organ provides sound at the front of the church and for accompanying the choir when they are positioned in the crossing (where the nave of the church and the transepts meet).

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